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USACE Silent Inspector (SI)/DQM Compliance (Request A Quote)

ADISS Inc.'s Automated Disposal Surveillance System (ADISS) is a portable and remote dredge monitoring system that can be installed on a variety of dredge equipment including scows, hopper dredges, Cutterhead dredges, mechanical dredges and tugboats. The ADISS system currently meets and exceeds the 95% data return requirement set forth by the USACE regulations.

ADISS, Inc. provides Silent Inspector/DQM compliant systems for the following USACE specified profiles:

  • Tracking
  • Monitoring
  • Ullage
  • Tons Dry Solids (TDS)

In addition to transmitting data to the Silent Inspector/DQM database, all monitoring information is stored and posted on ADISS, Inc.'s password-protected website for client review.

Upland Monitoring

ADISS Inc.'s ADISS system can be configured to meet upland disposal monitoring requirements. Draft, bin, tilt sensor and GPS position data are continuously recorded at 1-minute intervals on the hopper scows. The stored data are automatically wirelessly transmitted to ADISS, Inc. for processing and posting to the website. Overflow email warnings are automatically sent when bin level thresholds are exceeded. During processing, bin level, draft and tilt data can be converted to bin volume and load weight to accurately determine the volume of the material loaded at the dredge site. Bin density is calculated from the volume and weight data, and is compared to the density of the in-place material to estimate the volume of material dredged. Loading position and volume data are displayed on the website to summarize the locations and the progress of the dredging.

The upland configuration of ADISS can save project funds by accurately measuring and tracking the volume of dredged material.

Real-Time Vessel Tracking and Asset Management (View Sample)

Wireless links can be installed on each individual piece of dredge equipment on a project. Each link can transmit the equipment position and sensor status at regular intervals. This real-time data is made available on ADISS, Inc.'s password-protected website.

Internet Dredge Camera Solutions (View Sample)

Internet dredge camera solutions can be installed to meet regulatory specifications. Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras can be installed on individual dredges or scows to allow real-time access to dredge and scow activities and conditions. The camera access and controls are available on ADISS, Inc.'s password-protected website.